Viewing art is an act of contemplative discovery. It is akin to exploration or treasure hunting, except the riches lie in inspiring meaning and unexpected form. My latest paintings are made entirely with white paint, but they come alive with light as it refracts over the varying matte and iridescent surfaces. As one moves in front of them, or sunlight changes the lighting in the room, the paintings vacillate between abstraction and representation, revealing scenes of powerful natural transformation: great waves, storms, clouds, eroded canyons, and volcanic flows. The scenes are grand, even sublime, but the luminescence, soft edged paint, and transient iridescence has a peaceful quality as well.

To see these paintings in their entirety takes time. One may sit with them and experience a certain feeling, but by walking past or seeing them at a different angle or moment of daylight, they transform. In subtle ways, they are always changing. They invite viewers to spend time with them- to move about, look closely, and become active visual explores themselves.